Progress House - Veterans Project and Transitional Living

About Us

Unique to Progress House, we have three categories of structure available for court or probation assigned residents as well as for our general recovery seeking residents.

  1. Category One is the established method (normal level) for residents that have proven very effective for most addicts and alcoholics. The residents are closely monitored for compliance to established conditions of residency which includes adherence to curfew, accountability of whereabouts while away from their residence, accountability to staff and peers, 12-step meeting attendance, residential meetings, and random multi-substance urinalysis and/or electronic breathalyzer testing.
  2. Category Two is similar to “house arrest” and consists of all conditions in category one and includes construction of pre-established and verifiable itineraries that are closely monitored by the Progress House staff.  Destination and return sheets are matched with the established plan. This structure works well with those residents who are employed or have other “official” appointments that require limited periods of time away from the residence.
  3. Category Three is often referred to as “lock-down”. All conditions as the prior two levels remain; however, residents must remain on premises and may not leave for any reason unless escorted by a Progress House staff member or representative. Category three is effective for compliance to alternative custody, high relapse risk, and severe chemical dependency cases.


The primary focus of our structure is the 12 step recovery process and the developmental model of recovery. Our emphasis on this fundamental aspect of recovery within our safe and supportive living environment offers an optimal opportunity for a successful launch into an independent clean and sober lifestyle.