Progress House - Veterans Project and Transitional Living

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Abstinence from alcohol and illicit drugs are a requirement for residency. We conduct random multi-substance urinalysis and electronic breathalyzer tests for all residents.

Court Liaison

Progress House staff, if requested, can be present at court hearings. Often residents are either sentenced directly from court to Progress House for a period of time and/or released from incarceration into Progress House custody.

Progress Reports

Progress House management can provide individualized resident progress reports to any agency requesting such documentation.


Progress House does not provide treatment or psychotherapy although the internal structure within our homes will require lifestyle changes. We have an ordained minister on staff that can provide short term, problem solving, pastoral counsel via Point Man Ministries South Bay.

Veterans Projects

Progress House is veteran owned and operated. We have been providing clean and sober housing since 1991, and now have the opportunity to provide homes dedicated specifically for our veterans.
Our nation is experiencing a huge influx of our newest generation of veterans. Combined with existing veterans of earlier times, and the current economic and unemployment situation, a very urgent need now exists to provide assistance to our veterans.