Serving Southern California

Founded in 1991, Progress House is veteran owned and managed. We provide systematic, structured, alcohol and drug free “home-like” residential settings that are very conducive to the recovery process.


We presently have transitional housing with plans to expand with our “Progress House Veterans Project” which will provide housing specifically for separate men and women veterans.  Our residents are primarily regular members of society who are seeking a clean and sober lifestyle.
(Due to our proximities to parks and schools, we cannot accept Penal Code section 290 sex offenders).
With nearly two decades of hands on experience, Progress House has cultivated a comprehensive program within the recovery community, State and County Court Systems, and the Departments of Corrections and Probation.  Progress House will provide regular progress reports to all agencies upon request as required.
New residents receive personal attention as soon as they enter our office for the initial intake and assessment process after which they are assigned to a specific location most suitable to their specific needs.  At their new “home”, the resident again receives personal attention from the live in house manager and introduced to his new “peers”.  Every effort is made to assist the new resident feel safe and secure in their new surroundings.
Progress House offers each resident the opportunity to achieve their successful re-entry into normal life experiences and responsibilities outside the protective walls of the residence.
Progress House also has special programs effective for compliance with special cases such as:  alternative custody, high relapse risks, and severe chemical dependency cases.